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Re-purpose and the LIFE + Programme

Re-purpose is the title and strap line of a successful funding application to the European LIFE + Programme. The total project budget is €1.1 million over 2.5 years based on 50% match funding. The principal partners are Groundwork and London Community Resource Network (LCRN) working together with five housing associations in London to deliver re-use focused bulky waste services on a selected five housing estates.

When will the project start? The overall project plan is to introduce the five estates based re-use facilities in three phases. The project began with the planning phase in July 2014 and will conclude in March 2017.

Where will RePURPOSE be delivered?

  • Grahame Park, Barnet (Genesis Housing)
  • Warner Road Estate, Southwark (Southern Housing)
  • Clem Attlee Estate Hammersmith & Fulham
  • Pembury Estate, Hackney (Peabody Trust)
  • Andover Estate, Islington

What are the main objectives of this project?

  • To increase the level of re-use of bulky items such as furniture and appliances
  • To increase employment, training and volunteering on the estate
  • To raise residents’ awareness of waste and flytipping
  • To reduce the incidence of fly tipping on each estate by 25%

The main objectives will be achieved by:

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  • Creating employment of a Re-use Coordinator based on each estate
  • Re-configuring the bulky waste assembly points into re-use drop off points
  • Offering a door step pick up service of bulky items
  • Setting up a re-use exchange shop on site
  • Link the project with accredited training
  • Working with waste contractors to reduce waste tonnage
  • Provide a re-use focused voids clearance service
  • Link to the re-use network of repairs workshops


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