Donate household goods

London Re-use no longer collects domestic items for re-use, but a number of our partners do. You can search for your local re-use centre by clicking here.

What can I donate?

Some re-use centres accept a wide range of furniture and appliances, while others may not be able to collect electrical items for example, so it’s always best to call ahead.  Items that can be re-used include:

  • Furniture, including beds, cabinets, chairs, desks, sofas, storage units and tables.
  • Appliances, including cookers, dishwashers, fridges, freezers and washing machines.
  • Electrical Items, including hi-fi equipment, lighting, microwaves and televisions.
  • IT Equiptment, including computers, laptops and monitors
  • Textiles, including bedding, carpet tiles and rugs.
  • DIY & Gardening, including garden equipment and furniture, paint and tools.
  • Children’s Equipment, including cots, high chairs, prams and toys.
  • Leisure Equipment, including bicycles, exercise equipment and musical instruments.
  • Homeware, including kitchen items, mirrors and pictures.
How can I donate?

Collections: Many of our partners will pick up donated items from local households. Call to find out which areas they collect from and if there is a charge.

Drop off items: You can drop of items for re-use at some centres. It’s best to call ahead to check what your local centre can accept.